iSwich Gourmet was born from the classic American story of an ordinary family loving food, finding their passion in the kitchen, and pursuing a vision. The organic growth and natural progression from a fan favorite dessert for family and friends to a family owned and operated business is short and sweet.

Founder Angela O’Brien was a foodie before it was popular and trendy. For a dinner with her gourmet club, it was her turn to bring a dessert. The club, which has been meeting for over 20 years, is a fun group of professionals ranging from engineers to chefs with one common denominator: a love for good food. Angela wanted to take a new approach on a classic dessert, and that’s ultimately how our Bananas Foster sandwich was created. Needless to say, the dessert was a success.

Over time, Angela continued to build and refine her recipes with the help of friends and family. Whether it was for Thanksgiving, a gourmet club meeting, or a casual Sunday family dinner, there were always different sandwiches that got better and better with each batch. Angie’s family and friends told her that she must share these with the rest of the world too.

With some coaxing, Angela finally started iSwich Gourmet - a company centered around sharing and making memories. Our ice cream sandwiches have already brought happiness to many; let us bring that same happiness to you.